Glimpses: Stories from the Class of 1985

Dear Classmates,

We are hoping to find you in a reflective frame of mind now that many of you have submitted Class Report updates. (By the way, there is still time if you haven't.) Looking forward to our Reunion this fall, we have one more opportunity for you to share with your classmates.

Based on research from past 30th Reunions, one of the favorite activities has been “Glimpses,” in which classmates share personal stories in a Moth Radio-style format. A classmate referred to this session as "small stories told intimately." This is an apt description for stories whose topics have ranged from one 1984 alumnus exclaiming joy about finally, after 30 years, successfully combining his "tug of war" careers—one as an eye surgeon and the other as a symphony conductor(!)—to a fellow alumna who regaled the audience with her hilarious adventures of online dating at age 50. The stories resonated with listeners and gave all a lot to ponder post reunion! Listen to some of the stories from 1984’s Glimpses session.

This note serves as a call for stories so that we can continue this popular reunion session. As a few of us have early access to Class Report submissions, we know there are a lot of stories waiting to be told. Our goal is to develop a portfolio of interesting stories of diverse experiences (fun or serious) and speakers, then present a balanced mix of roughly five speakers for the Friday evening session. There are only two important guidelines:

  1. You must be attending the Reunion on Friday to be a speaker.
  2. Stories must be told in 10 minutes or less.

We anticipate there may be more of you willing to speak than we have time available, and for this reason we are exploring virtual venues, such as our class website, to share all stories submitted.

We encourage those of you who are interested in participating to contact us with your story idea. (Choose "Glimpses" from the drop-down list.) We are excited about building a great session with your participation, and look forward to hearing from you by July 1 or sooner. (Sorry&mbsp;another deadline for the procrastinators among us!) Also, feel free to contact us with questions as well.

Thanks and see you in October!

Nina Donnelly
Cary Mazzone
Don Sull
Paula Touliopoulos